Private Training
Our 1 to 1 exclusive service is designed to deliver the finest experience bringing unrivalled results. We provide a personable and friendly service. Our private training is all about making you the best version of yourself, achieving the results you deserve.
Online Coaching
A personal trainer in your pocket. Using our innovative coaching app we can now deliver our expertise around the world. Personalised coaching and nutrition from your assigned trainer means we can help you wherever you are based at your own convenience.
Semi-Private Training
Our women only service offers personal training at a fraction of the price. It has been designed to build a community of women uniting to help each other along their journey. The same expertise and guidance but with the help of your friends.
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Make your body and lifestyle transformation possible.
It’s not about telling you what to eat and what not to. It’s about teaching you how to eat. We get results eating the foods you love.
At Unity we set Industry leading standards delivering personalised sessions to help you reach your goal in the quickest and most enjoyable way.
The mind and body work as one. We make sure your mentality is in a state that allows you to excel in fitness and every other aspect of your life.
It’s all about balance. We want you to get great results fast but in the most enjoyable way possible. We don’t want your life to go on hold as a result.
Get a free 1 to 1 consultation with our experts and then trial one of our services.
our clients

I weighted 15 stone (98 kg) at my heaviest, this comes after spending many years battling with depression leaving me with excess weight and lowered self esteem. Cav possesses an (always smiling) enthusiasm for his work and an eagerness to share his knowledge which in turn is helping me develop confidence and to take a greater pride in my results as I progress. Now at 12 stone (78kg) I still got some way to go but feel as if things are much more achievable with a good trainer. Overall I cannot recommend Cav more. He has a lot to offer and always on hand for advice.


After three months of intense Cardio I finally reduced my body fat and I went from 15.8 stone to 12 stone. The fat loss results were amazing and everyone who saw me couldn’t believe the physical change in my body. I feel looking back that if it wasn’t for those times when I would message Cav for motivation and influence this whole process in losing my body fat would have been a far longer one. I remember being so excited to actually fitting into a pair of 32’ waist size jeans again and I felt that my energy levels had got a lot better too.

Josh Francis

Unity encapsulates what it means to me to be a personal trainer. Our morals are something I personally care about in my approach to being a coach. Making things easy and flexible for our clients, delivering a service that’s second to none, producing results our clients both want and deserve. Unity the perfect home for me and I’m certain it’s the perfect home for you too!

Stephen James

As a client of Unity I know first hand there’s no faceless service; it offers a home for clients wanting to make a lifelong change. I am proud to join the team and look forward to helping our clients succeed as they progress in their goals. Our values put you first and foremost so make Unity your home, achieve your goals and most importantly love the journey you take with us


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