Semi-Private Training

The same great results at a fraction of the price

Less than £10 per session

Real Results… Surreal Price

Our semi-private training is our women only group personal training designed to add all the great elements of our private packages for a fraction of the cost. We’ve been searching for a way to offer all of the exclusive benefits of our high end private personal training and now we’ve found it. With up to 3 sessions per week, nutritional and mindset education, a private Facebook support group and a community to be proud of, this really is the perfect place to become the you of your dreams.

Did you know: Studies show women get better results when they’re part of a community?


This is not just your run of the mill class. This is still personal training that is personal to you. Your sessions will be in groups of no more than 4 meaning your trainer will still be able to personalise the program to your goals and needs. You will also be educated in nutrition and mindset as well as being part of our private Facebook group. This really is the complete package when it comes to transforming your body and life.


Community is the foundation upon which this whole service is based around. The idea is simple; to give you a home where all your fitness, nutrition and mindset goals become a reality. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are there to love and support you through every step of your journey. Bring old friends along and make new friends when you arrive. This really is the place to keep you on track to becoming that new, healthier, fitter and happier version of you!

More for your Money

We understand that personal training is a luxury that is simply too expensive for a lot of the population. Our aim here was to make that exclusive service available to the masses. By signing up to our semi-private packages you are paying less than £10 per session!


Do you lack the motivation and will to actually get yourself to the gym. Well with this service you’re entitled to 3 personal training sessions a week. That little push to get you into the gym comes from booking your session in on the Unity Personal Training app and knowing that your trainer is going to be waiting for you. Remember, consistency is what gets results!


Results aren’t made in the 1 hour you’re in the gym; it’s about what you do with the other 23 hours of your day. Our Facebook support group will help you with just that. This is an area to help you through the rest of your life tasks. This is the place where we will rally together to discuss any ongoing topics or problems. With goal-set Sunday and thank you Thursday we have days to improve accountability in all aspects of your life. You won’t know how you ever lived without this group.


The best experiences in life are those shared with friends. If that’s not enough motivation to bring your friends then we will give you £20 off your monthly payments for as long as that friend stays with us. The best thing: There’s no limit; Bring enough friends and we start paying you!


At Unity we believe in growing a community and that’s exactly what we’re doing outside of the gym too. We believe in supporting local business and our clients alike. We are very proud to announce the Unity Community Scheme where we are working with both local and national companies to offer you offers and discounts on the things you really need. You will be given a Unity key fob that will get you discount at local and leading brands we personally love and trust.


Upgrade to our pro package and you get our Online Coaching thrown in absolutely free. This gives you access to our coaching app meaning you can track your workout and see how your progressing. Get weekly check-in’s with your trainer to look over how you’ve done that week and discuss any questions you might have and how to best attack the following week.


Per Month
Up to 3 sessions p/w
Personalised training from expert trainers
Facebook support group
Education in Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset
£20 off per referral
Free access to non VIP seminars
Unity Community Scheme discount key fob
Per Month
Up to 3 sessions p/w
Personalised training from expert trainers
Facebook support group
Education in Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset
£20 off per referral
Free access to ALL seminars
Unity Community Scheme discount key fob
Access to our coaching app
Weekly check-ins with your trainer
Further discount on Unity products

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