Look better, feel better & live a happier, healthier life

We deliver bespoke exercise and nutrition coaching to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Whether it’s with our in person coaching in Dubai or online coaching across the world, we’ll show you how to lose weight, tone up, build muscle and look how you’ve always dreamed of looking without sacrificing a life worth living.

Learn how to eat the foods you love, workout whenever you’re free and never miss out on social occassions all whilst drastically improving your physique, your confidence and your happiness.

The five cornerstones
Everything we do here at Unity is based entirely on our 5 fundamental cornerstones that ensure you get the very best results, education and experience.


Workout whenever and wherever works for you. You won’t be spending hours doing tedious cardio. Get stronger, leaner and fitter doing fun workouts in a fraction of the time.


We teach you how to eat the foods you love whilst still getting amazing result. Learn all the tricks avoid hunger and cravings to effortlessly stick to your diet long term.


The real secret behind easy results is creating good habits. Learn how creating small consistent habits leads to results that feel effortless.


Get your headspace right to be more adherent, more motivated and overall happier in yourself and your daily life.


What good is looking great if a boring life comes with it? We look to minimise sacrifice so you can get amazing results whilst eating out, going for drinks & overall just having fun

We hold your hand until you can stand on your own two feet
We’re passionate about teaching the principles of fitness so you’re getting the very best results without any unnecessary sacrifice. We hold you accountable every step of the way. It’s human nature to inevitably fall of track so we’re here to pick you straight back up and get you back on the right path. Then once you decide your journey with us is over, we’re safe in the knowledge that we’ve taught you everything you need to know to continue to get incredible results by yourself.
You might not be a fit-fanatic, but you might just become one

The majority of our clients come to us hating exercise. The thought of dieting just fills them with anxiety and stress. That quickly changes once you start working with us. In our eyes, the best diet or workout is the one you can sci koto and the best way to sci koto something is by making it as easy and fun as possible. We do this by building your programs around your likes and preferences rather than making you fit into methods that aren’t the right fit for you.