Are you ready to boost your confidence, lose weight and tone up, whilst still loving life?

Unity is a one of a kind service in Dubai that looks at fitness differently. Our holistic approach is built around you and your lifestyle to make you happier, healthier, fitter and stronger in all aspects of your life. We’re passionate about empowering normal people to take back control of their body by giving them the tools to get incredible results in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible.

We believe that when you look in the mirror, you should love who’s staring back at you. It’s our mission to get you to this point whilst making as few sacrifices as possible. By making the journey effortless and fun, the thought of getting in shape is no longer a chore but a comfortable way of life.

Everything we do here at Unity is based entirely on our 5 fundamental cornerstones that ensure you get the very best results, education and experience:

1. Exercise

Workout whenever and wherever works for you. You won’t be spending hours doing tedious cardio. Get stronger, leaner and fitter doing fun workouts in a fraction of the time.

2. Nutrition

We teach you how to eat the foods you love whilst still getting amazing results. Learn all the tricks to avoid hunger and cravings to effortlessly stick to your diet long term.

3. Habits

The real secret behind easy results is creating good, long-lasting habits. Learn how creating small consistent habits leads to results that feel effortless.

4. Mindset

Have a healthy body and healthy mind. Get your headspace right to be more adherent, more motivated and overall happier in yourself and your daily life.

5. Lifestyle

What good is looking great if a boring life comes with it? We look to minimise sacrifice so you can get amazing results whilst eating out, going for drinks & overall just having fun.

Unity Foundations - Set yourself up for success

Our Foundations service is a 12 week programme designed to kickstart incredible results whilst educating you along the way. Learn how to exercise for just a couple of hours a week, still eat the foods you love, enjoy social occasions, all whilst still losing weight, toning up and loving the body you’re in. We teach you the principles needed to get you results allowing you to choose the methods that you enjoy most. This gives you complete flexibility and freedom in your approach massively increasing your chances of success.

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, which is why we offer our service in 3 unique ways without compromising on quality:

Private Training

Working directly 1 on 1 with your coach. Our most premium sessions give you their undivided attention to ensure you get the very best out of your tailored workouts.

Semi-Private Training

Surround yourself with like-minded people on the same journey as you. Still follow your own completely tailored workout but share your sessions with our friendly community.

Online Coaching

The same great service but you do your sessions alone. Our training app makes following your workouts easy for those of you who are self motivated and independent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

If you are looking for a budget friendly service then this is probably not the right fit for you. This is our most premium service designed for people who are serious about change and ready to invest into their health and fitness. Prices will vary depending on the delivery of service but will start at 250aed per week.

Where are you based?

We are based in a private studio at the back of the Just Play Sports Complex in Al Quoz, Dubai.

What is the facility like?

The studio is a private facility meaning the only people using the gym are with their trainer. This means the well equipt gym is quiet which is optimal for your training. It is a friendly environment with shower and changing facilities.

Do I need a gym membership?

We recommend a gym membership whether that is at our private studio or another gym if you are training online only. Home or outdoor workouts are available for online coaching if you do not have a membership though.

How much access do I have to my coach?

On top of your scheduled check-ins, you can contact your trainer via whatsapp whenever you need.

How do I apply?

Simply click the button below to book your free, no obligation consultation to find out more about the service and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Who is the programme for?

Anyone who is ready to make a change. Any age, gender, fitness level. If you’re looking to transform how you look and feel then this programme is for you. The programme is completely tailored so whoever you are, it will be designed around your needs.

Is online only enough?

Our online coaching still gives you everything you need to get amazing results. The only difference is you do the sessions alone. Our training app has videos of all the exercises you need to do and allows you to submit videos of your exercise for feedback so if you’re motivated enough to do your workouts yourself then this option can be a great fit for you.

How is the content delivered?

Most of our content will be delivered in our training app

How much time will I need?

We suggest training 3 times a week for 1 hour at a time.

Do I have to follow a certain diet or method?

We’re not married to one approach. We apply the principles needed to get results and then every other aspect of your diet is entirely down to you and what you enjoy most.

How long does the programme last?

Our Foundation programme lasts for 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks, most clients move on to our Elite programme which is an ongoing monthly service.

I have health issues, can I still train?

Providing you have the all clear from your doctor, you are able to train with us.