Hello and welcome to Unity Foundations. We first want to start by saying a massive thank you for joining the programme. We’re really grateful that you chose us to help you on your health and fitness journey and we’re super excited to see you get some amazing results over the next 12 weeks.

Setting strong foundations is crucial to having any long term success in life and this programme epitomises that. Before we can get into the good stuff, we need to set strong foundations for the programme by onboarding you well. Here there are a series of tasks for you to complete in order for us to build your programme optimally for you. So follow through these pages and complete the tasks as they come. Don’t skip any tasks as we can’t start the programme until everything is complete.

See you on the other side!

Lost 2 stone in just over 12 weeks

“I’ve had PT’s before but it was nothing like this. I’m not told what to do or bossed around. Every decision we make is based on what I want or like most. And I’m getting the best results I’ve ever had in just over 12 weeks and it has honestly felt so easy to do. I couldn’t be happier.”

Sarah Wright